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Since January 2016 the company is going through a reorganization with a double objective: first, standardize its processes in order to better service its customers, second, mitigate the impact on the environment by proposing the practice of more sustainable disposal and waste recovery.


Municipal Solid Waste collection

GAEA is collecting municipal solid waste from households and businesses holding a solid waste removal contract with GAEA within the framework of the government license. GAEA is responsible for collecting waste only if it's well disposed in a garbage bin and is not responsible for collecting construction waste, garden waste, industrial waste. Nevertheless GAEA can offer special services on request, so don't hesitate to contact us.

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Recycling Bottles

Sorting, Recycling and Composting

GAEA is currently working on pilot projects for recycling:

1. Compost of organic food from markets and restaurants

2. Glass bottle pulverizing into sand 

3. Plastic bottles and foils recycling 



GAEA presented a project to the Ministry of Environment to develop in Siem Reap the first sanitary landfill in Cambodia. The project is on hold for the moment.

Our Services


Cleaning Services

GAEA is in charge of cleaning and sweeping the city main streets and maintaining some public gardens. For any special request about our cleaning activity please contact us.


Extra Services

GAEA is offering additional services to its customers.
1. Selling bins
2. Extra pick-up for non-recurrent waste disposal (for example: during the construction phase, after cutting trees and grass) using a 8m3 container
3. Extra cleaning services for special events (concerts, fairs...)
We take the opportunity to remind our customers that all payments should be done only after receiving GAEA bill

Environmental and Social Responsibility

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Improving conditions of work and Health and Safety

GAEA new working site facilities offers to all employees comfortable conditions of work and respects Health and Safety standards. The facilities for the staff are the following: canteens, laundry, changing rooms, dispensary, housing for workers and staff. The repair and maintenance workshop has all necessary tools and equipment to operate according to Health & Safety standards. GAEA is also insuring safety of the workers on the road thanks to uniforms, safety yellow jackets, road safety cones etc. 

The environment is preserved thanks to a green border of bamboos, banana trees and vegetables, and all water is drained and treated within a water treatment system.

Raising environmental awareness

GAEA is cooperating with the government and with NGOs to raise environmental awareness to the community through education programs, cleaning activities and training, targeting in priority public schools and poor villages. Awareness is raised on the fact that littering and burning garbage is impacting the environment and human health. Alternative solutions to single-use plastic are proposed, training is provided on how to sort/recycle waste sorting and how to pack waste properly into garbage bins.

Thanks for contacting us, we will reply as soon as possible.

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GAEA was founded in 2007 with the aim to become the leading waste management firm in the country that focuses on environmental stewardship and promoting a circular economy. GAEA performs municipal solid waste collection, disposal and management in the two largest cities in Cambodia, Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, as well as Kampong Thom and Bantay Meanchey provinces.

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